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Biomass energy isrenewable source of energythat is found in plants. Plants take energy from the sun in the process of photosynthesis and use it to produce and grow biomass. Biomass is a known product or material that is found in most living things. It can be animal material, bacteria, or plant materials. The oldest example that we have of biomass energy today is wood, which we can burn to produce heat and to create steam which therefore, produces energy. To obtain a large amount of biomass energy, these plants such as wood are burned in internal combustion engines or broilers and this releases the energy that the plant holds.

Animal wastes can be used to produce gases that will serve asbiomass energy. The waste will be treated and then burned in order to create electricity. Landfill sites function in the same manner, with the methane gases being used as the biomass. The gases emitted from landfill sites will be treated and burned in order to produce electricity. In some cases, crops themselves are used as biomass, with crops being grown specifically for the purpose of energy production. These crops are known as energy crops, and are used to produce oil. In crops such as oilseed rape, approximately 32% of the plant seed contains oil. These seeds are treated and are then used asbiomass energyin order to fuel products and engines.

Biomass energy is created when the biomass is collected and burned slowly to create steam. Generators then use the steam to turn it into heat and energy. It’s believed that this is a very clean type of natural gas as it requires the plants to absorb the carbon dioxide from the environment before it can be used as a viableenergy source. However, there is only so much carbon dioxide that a plant can absorb before it is full. With things such as deforestation, the source of this energy is rapidly being depleted and so, people must first become educated about how effective they are at providing us with the clean energy that is needed in our world.

There’s no doubt that biomass energy is better for the environment than the burning of fossil fuels that is commonplace today. It is also a renewable energy source making it a very environmentally friendly energy alternative. However, many people don’t tend to think of turning biomass into energy for different reasons. The first is that there is a misconception that the biomass will be taken from garbage at the landfills, burned at a local plant, and making it unpleasant for those that live in the area. While the matter may be taken from nearby landfills, the effect on the surrounding area would not be much different than if the energy was produced from a different source, such as water.

And while biomass energy certainly takes carbon dioxide from the environment by means of the plants, the burning of the matter also releases the carbon dioxide into the environment. A solution to this problem needs to be created before biomass energy becomes a main form of energy for our world, however with technology and its ever changing advances, science will more than likely overcome this challenge in due time.