The number of applications is over 250 on first day for EU Bio project

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 More than 250 applications has been submitted to the Agency for Energy Efficiency for enrollment in the program of subsidizing biomass boilers in the first day of the enrollment program. The next period will only be accepted applications from small and micro businesses that want to install biomass heating systems with cost reimbursement from EU funds, the maximum number allowed is 50. We recall that the Energy and Biomass Project, funded by the EU, launched on August 5, in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Program of subsidizing the purchase biomass boilers for households, micro and small enterprises, the dossiers to be submitted from 10 August.

The size of the subsidy granted from EU funds, is 1,300 Euro, respectively 700 Euro and is determined by technical parameters of the selected boiler. The total number of beneficiaries Grant Program is 300 250 households and 50 businesses.

"The increase in biomass energy users to enjoy. Subsidy program was successful in phase I of the Energy and Biomass Project where 620 families have installed biomass boilers in their own home with 1,300 Euros from European funds repayment. The result of the Stage II project impressed us, exceeding our expectations ", -says Energy and Biomass Project Manager.

Please note that beneficiaries will receive their grant program after signing the contract and installing biomass boilers in their own home or business. Boilers part of the grant program must be produced or partly assembled in Moldova and will be purchased from 23 companies accredited. Accredited companies provide a wide range of biomass boilers produced by European technologies (Italy, Poland, Greece, Germany, Romania etc.) or one hundred percent produced in Moldova.All information about the program is available on and .

The program granting favorable terms of biomass boilers for households is part of the project "Energy and Biomass", in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Agency. Energy and Biomass Project 2 is a three-year project conducted in 2015-2017. The project has a total budget of 9.41 million euros granted by the European Union and implemented by United Nations Development Programme.

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