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MAEE Mission


The Agency's mission is to oversee development of the situation in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, to ensure preparation and submission of summaries of programs, investment evaluation of projects in the field, the development projects of normative acts, as well as the development of an information database in its areas of activity.  EEA  is responsible to ensure achievement of the objectives and to support national program to improve energy efficiency, allowing for necessary assistance to the development of and plans for local energy efficiency and monitoring their completion.

Our offer for companies

  • Technical assistance for companies on Energy Efficiency (including templates, procedures, contacts, network, information on financing, hotline)

Our offer for private households and end consumers

  • Technical assistance to reduce energy costs (including financing possibilities, calculators for end consumers)
  • EEA approves the qualifications for energy auditors
  • Curriculum for Energy Auditors